A letter from George Morris – submitted to Yachting Magazine via email in response to the article "Dream Bigger" reprinted above.

I read the Editor's Letter (“Dream Bigger," August 2012) with great interest. In fact, it describes exactly an experience I was fortunate enough to have.

Some years ago, I was in the market for a lobster boat. But I wanted something with a traditional look, comfortable but able to do 20 knots, very seaworthy and tight to the weather. I researched Down East Maine and went there to meet several builders.

That was a lot of fun - there are some great choices in boats and people to work with. I found the boat and the people I wanted in Brooklin, Maine: a Duffy 35; Nate Hopkins and Cy Hannon. As I read the Editor's Letter, they all came off the page at me.

We ordered the boat in November 2010, and she arrived here in August 2011. I don't think I kept 12 people employed for a year, but maybe three for 10 months at the boatyard and probably that many more again at metal fabricators, engine builders, electronics manufacturers and all the other equipment suppliers involved.

The whole thing has been a great experience. Great boat, great people and good for everyone involved.

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