The Atlantic Boat Company is a full service Boat Yard. We have both indoor and outdoor winter boat storage facilities with door heights up to 28'. The Atlantic Boat Company has both heated boat storage and unheated boat storage bays to accommodate your every need. Check out our prices and compare. The Atlantic Boat Company is your best value for all your boat storage, boat repair, and boat re-fit needs.

Labor Rates

Cleaning $48/hr
Carpentry $58/hr
Varnish $58/hr
Laminating/Fiberglass $60/hr
Rigging $60/hr
AWLgrip $70/hr
Electrical/Refrigeration $65/hr

Electronic/Air Conditioning



Design $75/hr
Valet (boat & location dependent) $65/hr

Equipment Rates

Crane plus operator $145/hr
Tractor/Trailer plus operator $80/hr
Forklift/ManLift/Yard Boat plus operator $50/hr

Mooring Rates

Seasonal $1,000


Weekly $150
Nightly $25

Storage Rates storage season is September to May


Yacht Storage: Outside (incl haul/wash/store/launch) $4.50/sf
Yacht Storage: Indoor Cold - 75 to 349 sqft (incl haul/wash/store/launch) $6.75/sf
Yacht Storage: Indoor Cold - 350 to 499 sqft (incl haul/wash/store/launch) $6.50/sf
Yacht Storage: Indoor Cold - 500 sqft & up (incl haul/wash/store/launch) $6.25/sf
Yacht Storage: Heated (incl haul/wash/store/launch) $10.00/sf
Yacht Storage: Summer (percentage of winter storage) 50%
Float Storage: Outside $3/sf
Dinghy Outboard Storage: (up to 10hp) $100/ea
Dinghy Storage: (dinghy & oar storage only) $300/ea
Mast Storage: Covered ($100 min ~ de-rigging billed @ T&M) $2.50/lf
Mast Storage: Outside ($100 min ~ rigged) $3.00/lf
Sail Management (incl clean, repair, & storage Quoted
Locker Rental (per season) $100/ea

Haul & Launch Rates

Yacht Haul-Out or Launch: Up to 40’ $7/lf
Yacht Haul-Out or Launch: 41’+ $9/lf

Yacht Quick Haul-Out or Launch

Float/Dock Haul-Out or Launch $1.75/sqft

Are you paying too much*** for your service and storage?

Service Atlantic Boat Brooklin Southwest Harbor Bass Harbor Belfast Camden Thomaston
Indoor Storage $6.50/sq. ft. $8.25/sq. ft. $100.00/lf $9.00/sq. ft. $8.50/sq. ft. $8.25/sq. ft. $104.00/lf
35’ Power $3,120 $3,960 $4,000 $4,320 $4,080 $3,960 $4,160
35’ Sail $2,161.25 $2,743.13 $3,500 $2,992.5 $2,826.25 $2,743.13 $3,640
Heated Storage $10.00/sq. ft. $11.25/sq. ft. $160.00/lf $13/sq. ft. $13.00/sq. ft.    
35’ Power $4,800 $5,400 $6,400 $6,240 $6,240    
35’ Sail $3,325 $3,740.63 $5,600 $4,322.5 $4,322.5    
Labor Rates/hr.              
Mechanical $65/hr $62/hr $73/hr $70/hr $65/hr $70/hr $68/hr
Carpentry $58/hr $62/hr $69/lf $65/hr $65/hr $65/hr $68/hr
Varnish $58/hr $58/hr $60/lf $57/hr $55/hr $55/hr $68/hr

*** Assume... your Power Boat is 35' LOA, 2' Swim Platform & 3' Bowsprit x 12' Beam = 40' Linear Feet or 480 Sq. Ft. your Sailboat is 35' LOA x 9'6" Beam = 35' Linear Feet or 332.50 Sq Ft.

Our Environmental Fee is 2% of the invoice total

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