MediaMailing-32-wideAtlantic Boat can store and service large yachts with building door heights up to 28 feet.

Winterization & Storage

Malinda Jean Waiting for Winterization & Storage at Atlantic Boat in Brooklin ME

Storage, Service, Re-fits - A Full-Service Yard

The doors to several of our buildings are 28' high so we can handle "tall" Yachts with Flybridge cruisers without removing mast, Biminis. Hard tops, etc. All storage is on Atlantic Boat property and requires NO over the road transport.

We have the heated indoor storage capacity for 60 Yachts with an average size of 420 sq. ft. (36-LOA x 12-beam), unheated indoor storage capacity for another 60 yachts of the same dimensions. We have over 36 acres and can store more than 200 Yachts in our outside storage yard.

Atlantic Boat Company can easily winterize and store your boat for you, but before we do, why not let us perform all those outstanding maintenance items on your to-do list? Atlantic Boat Company has skilled craftsmen who have been building boats for over 40 years and with that kind of experience comes the ability to bring your boat back to like-new condition.

Our maintenance facility is the best around and Winter is the best time to take care of scheduled and discretionary maintenance items. Why put it off any longer?

Contact us now to schedule your boat's winterization, storage, and maintenance.

Come visit our facility - we would be delighted to show you around. For Driving Directions - Click Here.

Mast Removal Line Up - ready for storage

After comparing our prices why go anywhere else?

Service Atlantic Boat Brooklin Southwest Harbor Bass Harbor Belfast Camden Thomaston
Indoor Storage $6.50/sq. ft. $8.25/sq. ft. $100.00/lf $9.00/sq. ft. $8.50/sq. ft. $8.25/sq. ft. $104.00/lf
  35’ Power $3,120 $3,960 $4,000 $4,320 $4,080 $3,960 $4,160
  35’ Sail $2,161.25 $2,743.13 $3,500 $2,992.5 $2,826.25 $2,743.13 $3,640
Heated Storage $10.00/sq. ft. $11.25/sq. ft. $160.00/lf $13/sq. ft. $13.00/sq. ft.
  35’ Power $4,800 $5,400 $6,400 $6,240 $6,240
  35’ Sail $3,325 $3,740.63 $5,600 $4,322.5 $4,322.5
Labor Rates/hr.
  Mechanical $62/hr $62/hr $73/hr $70/hr $65/hr $70/hr $68/hr
  Carpentry $58/hr $62/hr $69/lf $65/hr $65/hr $65/hr $68/hr
  Varnish $58/hr $58/hr $60/lf $57/hr $55/hr $55/hr $68/hr

*** Assume... your Power Boat is 35' LOA, 2' Swim Platform & 3' Bowsprit x 12' Beam = 40' Linear Feet or 480 Sq. Ft. your Sailboat is 35' LOA x 9'6" Beam = 35' Linear Feet or 332.50 Sq Ft.