Duffy 26′ Launch

The Duffy 26 hull is molded in solid Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic with a vinylester skin layer and full length longitudinal foam cored stringers; the hull is white gelcoat. The solid fiberglass skeg and full keel protect the propeller. PVC spray rails are through-bolted and glassed on the interior.

The interior deck and seating are a single mold in FRP with foam coring. All deck, step, and seating areas are molded; the surfaces are white gelcoat and the non-skid painted a light gray.

Engine mounting brackets are throughbolted to the stringers. The engine, transmission, shaft coupling, battery/battery box, and high water alarm are installed under a FRP, sound-proofed engine cover vented with a closable fitting. The fixed fire system is also located in this space. The cover tilts forward for maintenance and inspection access. A fiberglass drip pan is installed under the engine. The wet exhaust and muffler exit through the stern.













Is built to United States Coast Guard specifications


Includes all USCG required construction inspection certifications


Is highly maneuverable and low wake


Includes all USCG required stability certifications for 24 passengers and 1 crew at the current 185lb weight requirement


Is designed and built for heavy duty, continuous service


Has easily serviceable systems

All engine controls, gauges, alarms, and emergency controls are located on the console at the operator’s station. Steering is by a vertical tiller with a push-pull cable linkage to the rudder arm. Rudder and post are stainless steel.

A deck hatch is provided for maintenance and inspection of the shaft tube, drip-less packing, and primary bilge pumps. This hatch is exposed by tilting the deck box, containing the life vests, aft.

Decks are drained into the stern sump area through two 2″ x 6″ drains connected by 1 1/2″ hoses. An automatic primary bilge pump and a secondary automatic bilge pump in the keel area discharge overboard through the starboard side.

Welded, 316 polished, stainless steel handrails surround the passenger deck on the coaming. A custom-made, 316 polished and welded stainless steel safety handrail is installed at the boarding step. LED safety lights are installed to illuminate the step and deck at night in the passenger areas.

The Standard Package
  • Bottom paint
  • Standard Horizon RAM+ Mic VHF radio
  • Telescoping boat hook
  • Full fender system (x9, 8″, white, horizontal)
  • Name and hail
  • Stainless steel burgee mounting hardware
  • (3) 5/8″ x 15′ dock lines
The Yacht Package

includes [the Standard Package and] these additional features, quoted on request …

  • Varnished mahogany handrails
  • A varnished mahogany door on the console
  • Varnished mahogany coaming
  • A varnished mahogany door on the rope locker
  • Varnished mahogany burgee flagpole
  • Teak sole on engine and life jacket boxes
The Option List

Available for the Standard Package and Yacht Package, quoted on request …

  • Boot stripe
  • Canvas dodger
  • Awlgrip hull color
  • Non-skid color
  • Full canopy and side curtains
  • 75 HP Yanmar diesel – Model 4JH4-TE with a continuous SHP output rating of 68 HP @ 3100 RPM (118 ft-lbs of torque)
  • Yanmar Power Plant, 80HP, 4JH480
  • Wheel steering



The DUFFY-26 Launch is offered in Standard Package Yanmar Power Plant, 80HP, 4JH480,  mounted to the longitudinal stringers on aluminum beds. This is coupled with a Zf 25A hydraulic transmission with a 1.93:1 gear ratio. The gearbox is joined to a 1 1/4″ diameter Aquamet driveshaft through a DriveSaver coupling. The fuel filter is Racor, USCG approved.

The driveshaft is carried to the stern bearing in a 5′ x 3 1/4″ O.D. shaft tube sealed with a standard speed P.Y.I. pack-less shaft seal to turn a 16″, 3-blade, bronze propeller.

Control of the engine and gearbox is through cables from a single lever control mounted on the top of the operator console. 

Raw cooling water is supplied by a single 1″ bronze thru hull with screen, a UL Listed bronze seacock, connected to a bronze strainer with a stainless steel basket.

The single exhaust, from the 3″ diameter mixing elbow on the engine, is a Centek Fiberglass Wet Muffler, marine wet exhaust hose withstainless T-bolt clamps. Running aft, solid FRP tubing is used to connect the muffler to the Centek thru hull exhaust fitting, with rubber flapper valve.
The fuel tank is a single, 49 gallon tank, aluminum construction with a black coating on the exterior, 2″ fill, 5/8″ vent, 5/16″ pickup, 1/4″return, from RDS Mfg. with USCG Certification. Installed on FRP pads on center, between longitudinal stringers, under the deck aft. Fill and tank are electrically bonded.
The 40″ vertical tiller pivots on a 1″ stainless waterproof bearing with an 8″ arm. The tiller and 10″ rudder arm are connected by a pushpullcable with 3/8″diameter spherical rod ends and rated at 150 lbs. push, 1000 lbs. pull, with positive rudder stops at helm and rudder post.
The electrical system is a standard 12 volt marine system using a Group 31 wet-cell marine battery, with the positive wired through a batteryisolation switch to the engine starter and a fuse panel in the console. Battery cables to engine and isolation switch are 2 AWG marine assemblies with a 10 AWG connection to the fuse panel and negative buss. All wiring is marine grade minimum 14 AWG, copper stranded with 105°C insulation, UL listed, and color coded per ABYC Standards. All alarms are located at the operator’s console. All wire connections are appropriately sized crimp-on rings, with adhesive, waterproof shrink tube. Wiring is labeled for ease of maintenance. Two waterproof rocker switches on the console activate the running lights and the courtesy lights in the cockpit.
Fixed System – The single, rechargeable, manual/automatic BC extinguisher, using 125 cubic feet of HFC-227 clean flooding agent, is installed horizontally inside the forward end of the engine cover with a manual discharge cable mounted on the operator’s console. The Fireboy Xintex, Inc. Model #MA2-125 is coupled to an automatic engine shutdown system, Fireboy Xintex Model #ES-3000-1, indicator panel mounted on the console with discharge alarm and light. Fire Extinguisher – 2.5 lb. Class B-1, dry chemical agent, rechargeable with gauge, mounted on the starboard side of the operator’s console. Fire Extinguisher – 10 lb. Class B-2, dry chemical agent, rechargeable with gauge, mounted in forward locker. Emergency Fuel Shut-off – Manual pull cable with tee handle on the console, adjacent to the fire pull, connected to the fuel tank valve. This valve is accessable under the aft hatch. Three 12qt buckets.
Life Vests – Type 1, with reflector patches and name of vessel, 25 adult and 3 children. Storage is in two locations, the majority in an opening deck box on the centerline just abaft mid-ship, the balance stored in the bow. Ring Buoy – Type IV, 20″ white, with the name of vessel, and integral web straps and grab lines, secured to the vessel with 60′ of 3/8″ UV resistant polypropylene line. The automatic floating strobe light sits in a stainless bracket adjacent to the ring buoy and attached to the buoy by a 6′ lanyard. Signal Horn – Portable, air powered. First Aid – First aid kit, general purpose. Emergency Anchor – 14 lb Danforth-style, with 100′ of 3/8″ nylon line and 6′ of quarter-inch chain. Flashlight – Rubber case, waterproof, 2 D-cells stored inside the console. Bilge Pump – Manual, 6 gpm and a 6′ hose. Ladder – Emergency man overboard. Emergency Tiller – 316 Stainless Steel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deck height or freeboard of a DUFFY-26 Launch?
The DUFFY-26 Launch deck height or freeboard is 27″ aft, 28″ midship and 45″ at the bow.
What stability tests have been done to the DUFFY-26 Launch regarding the USCG weight requirement?
We have completed both the mathematical and physical stability test for the DUFFY-26 Launch for the new USCG #185 weight requirement. These tests were performed by the US Coast Guard, Farrell & Norton Naval Architects, and David White, PE. In addition, the DUFFY-26 Launch has undergone these tests twice, first for our Standard yacht club launch and a second time with a full canopy enclosure..
What type of transmission is in a DUFFY-26 Launch?
In the launch business, a solid transmission is a critical part of the operation. the DUFFY-26 Launch comes standard with a heavy-duty marine transmission, either ZF hydraulic or Borg-Warner velvet drive.
Can I get wheel steering or tiller steering?
Yes, the DUFFY-26 Launch comes standard with tiller or wheel steering. Traditionally, many yacht clubs like tiller steering for ease of operation but a USCG certified hydraulic steering system is also available.
How is access for daily maintenance on the DUFFY-26 Launch?
The DUFFY-26 Launch is made from molded, composite units greatly reducing screw holes and joints. This style of manufacturing allows for easy cleaning and up-keep of the fiberglass. In addition, the systems can all be easily reached through the engine box area.
What about sea-keeping in rough conditions?
The DUFFY-26 Launch is built on a commercial Downeast lobster boat hull so it is strong with a full keel and skeg providing excellent tracking, sea-keeping, and protection of the propeller. The DUFFY offers a soft ride only a built-down hull can provide

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